Fadhili Loan App Download


Fadhili Loan App Download


Fadhili Loan App Download


Fadhili Loan App Download


Fadhili loan app is one of the mobile loan apps in Kenya today. If you need a loan anytime, you can run to the Fadhili app, which they might sort out.

With the Fadhili loan app, you can get a loan from Ksh 300 to Ksh 100,000.

Today I will show you how to get a loan from Fadhili in easy steps. I will also take you through how to download the App. Take you through how to contact them and how to repay the loan.

So let’s get started on how to download the Fadhili loan App.

2023 Update: You cannot download it on App Store anymore.

Fadhili Loan App Download

Here are the steps you will take to get the Fadhili loan app on your phone and get a loan.

  1. Visit Google Play Store if you are on an android phone.
  2. Search for Fadhili Loan App
  3. Download the App and wait for it to complete the installation.
  4. Open up, and now we are ready to get started.

Fadhili Loan Registration

Now that you have the App on your mobile phone let’s go ahead and register.

  1. Open the loan app (You can skip to the screenshot below. It will present you with a screen with the Fadhili logo and a blue button (CREATE NEW ACCOUNT).
  2. Click on the button to move ahead will present you with a form on the next screen.
  3. Fill out the form, which has the following fields.
    • Enter Surname
    • First Name
    • Middle Name
    • National ID
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • M-Pesa phone number
    • Email address.
  4. Check the following box to accept terms and conditions. (If you want, please read the terms and conditions.
  5. The next screen will ask you to pay an Annual Subscription fee of 350. (Ohh, no, this is the point. I did not move to the next step because If I want a loan, why should I pay for it. More loan apps in Kenya don’t ask for upfront fees.

So far, so good, but I know many Kenyans will never pay for fees to access a loan. However, you can pay the fees if you wish to go ahead with the Fadhili app.

How to get a loan from Fadhili

If you decide to go ahead and get the loan from Fadhili App, here are the steps you need to take.

  1. Continue with the account creation process to get started.
  2. Go ahead with the loan application process. Fadhili Loan App will consider your answers to the questionnaire, phone use, and M-Pesa history. This will help them determine if you qualify for a loan or not.
  3. If you qualify and the go-ahead to request the loan, they will disburse the loan to your M-Pesa account.
  4. You need to repay the previous loan in time to grow your loan limit.
  5. One thing to note is that they will require a referee.

How to Repay Fadhili Loan

You can repay the Fadhili loan using M-Pesa through the following steps.

  1. Open your M-Pesa menu on the phone.
  2. Navigate to Lipa Na Mpesa
  3. Select Pay Bill and enter the following Business Number 995321
  4. Enter your phone number for the account number
  5. Next, enter the loan amount you wish to pay. You can make partial or full payments.
  6. Submit, and you should receive a message

How to Contact Fadhili Mobile

You can use the following methods if you need to contact Fadhili Mobile

  • Use the mobile App directly
  • Via phone Number: +254720686009
  • Or email using [email protected]
  • Alternatively, you can visit their website: http://fadhilimobile.co.ke.
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  1. Registration fees is 400,loan limit you gave me is 300 and still on pending, this is un understandable, since 3pm

  2. Kindly work on this pending issues with the loan.its an emergency n if a loan is pending more than 24hrs.


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