About Us

Peni Blog is a Kenyan informational platform that brings news and facts to Kenyans. Peni Blog’s mission is to provide the latest, most relevant information on topics of interest, such as personal finance, health, technology, and business in Kenya.

It provides up-to-date information on national and international current affairs. It also publishes articles that offer tips for leading a healthy lifestyle, including healthcare-related issues that affect Kenyans. The blog also covers stories about how people use new technologies to create wealth or solve problems in their communities or countries.

The blog has been created to become an authoritative voice for Kenyans interested in learning more about local and global developments in various fields, including but not limited to Health, Technology, Business, and Personal Finance.

The idea emerged after the creators of Peni Blog realized that many Kenyans had a real information gap on issues of interest to them. They were looking for credible institutions like news media houses to fill this gap.

In addition, there was a lack of analysis conducted by any institution on issues of interest to Kenyans.

Peni Blog was launched on the 1st of May 2019, with a strong focus on providing comprehensive and relevant news and information to Kenyans about current issues that affect them locally and globally. The blog has received much feedback and support from Kenyans who have appreciated having an independent platform they can lean on for relevant information.

The team behind Peni Blog is made up of its founders and writers. The team is passionate about development in their country, Kenya, and worldwide.