Scoppe loan app guide


Scoppe loan app guide


Scoppe loan app guide


Scoppe loan app guide


Scoppe Loan App is an online lending platform that gives credit to customers through their smartphones in Kenya. The app is developed from Pesa Pata and processes instant loans to customers after application.

Like other apps providing loans, the Scoppe has its application process that must be followed for you to get a loan. These processes include registration, the application, and repaying the loans one borrows from the app. The app is linked with Mpesa so they can instantly transfer any amount borrowed to Mpesa.

Registering with Scoppe

To register on Scoppe, you must be 18 and have an ID or passport. You also need to have a Google account or a Facebook account. First, you must download the app to your Android device and create an account. Below is the procedure for downloading and creating an account on the Scoppe loan App.

Currently, the app is only available in an Android version. Only those using Android devices can access the services from the Scoppe loan App.

How to download Scoppe Loan App

  • Go to the google play store
  • In the search box, type “Scoppe Loan App.”
  • Once the app is found, click “Install.”

Creating an Account

  • Open the Scoppe app on your device.
  • Select to sign in with Facebook or Google account
  • Enter your ID or passport number
  • Add your phone number
  • The account is ready.

Once you have completed the registration process, the app analyses the information you have provided to determine your loan limit.

Borrowing a loan from Scoppe

  • Open the Scoppe app on your phone
  • Log in to your account
  • Select Loans
  • Select “Apply for loans.”
  • Enter the amount you need. (This has to be either equal to or less than the loan limit)
  • Enter the duration of the loan
  • Enter Rate
  • Delivery.

This loan will be deposited directly into your Mpesa account. However, you should note that the loans from Scoppe Loan App attract an interest of 1% per day. The more you delay paying, the higher the interest grows.

You can stay with the loan between seven days and thirty days. The loan repayments are made weekly.

How to Repay Scoppe Loan

Like any other loan, Scoppe loans need to be repaid on time. Regular borrowing and repaying on time contribute to the growth of your loan limit. Defaulting on the Scoppe loan will result in a negative credit report by the CRB, affecting your borrowing in the future.

Here is the procedure to be followed when you want to repay your loan from Scoppe Loan App.

  • Open the Scoppe App on your device
  • Log in
  • Select “Payments”
  • Fill in the pop-up (This includes the amount you want to repay. It can be the amount required for that week or the whole amount)
  • Submit

Once the repayment process has been completed, you will receive a notification that the transaction was successful.

If you need to contact the Scoppe Loan App support team, log in to the app and select “contact us.” You will then be redirected to the FAQ page. Open the menu at the top left corner, like “Start a conversation.”

You can also reach them on the lines 070000222 or mail them to [email protected]. In Nairobi, you can visit their offices at Jasmine Center along Gama Pinto Road in Westlands.

Now that you know the process of applying for a loan from Scoppe, you can download the app and get the financial assistance you require. You should note that the money borrowed should be used carefully as this kind of loan attracts huge interest when payment is delayed.

You should only borrow when you have a guaranteed source of income from which you will get the money to repay your loan.

If you disagree with the terms and conditions when borrowing from the Scoppe Loan App, you can try other instant mobile loan applications. These loan Apps include the HF Whizz loan app from Housing Finance Corporation.

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