Where to Get Quick Loans in Kenya in 2023


Where to Get Quick Loans in Kenya in 2023


Where to Get Quick Loans in Kenya in 2023


Where to Get Quick Loans in Kenya in 2023


As the economic conditions in Kenya continue to evolve in 2023, many individuals may find themselves in need of quick mobile loans. To assist in this search, we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the quick mobile loan options available in Kenya, focusing on highlighting the most reputable and legitimate options.

By referencing this list, you will have a clear understanding of where to turn when in need of a fast mobile loan.

Currently, there is an abundance of mobile loan apps available in Kenya. However, it can often be challenging to identify which ones are trustworthy. In this article, we aim to provide a detailed examination of Kenya’s best mobile loan apps, giving you the necessary information to make informed decisions when seeking a loan.

Top places to get quick loans in Kenya

There are various places one can access a quick mobile loan—for instance, some mobile banking applications such as NIC Now and Timiza App.

Some mobile applications also include Zenka, Zidisha, Tala, and Branch. And then there is the ultimate OG in this game, Mshwari, and KCB M-Pesa.

Below we will try to discuss quick mobile loans from each category.

1. NCBA Now App

NCBA Now is a quick mobile loan solution provided by NCBA Bank. This mobile loan app is available to NCBA bank customers who can access this loan from anywhere, wherever they need it.

To get this app, dial *488# and follow the instructions or get it directly from the Google play store or Apple store. It is worth noting that one can borrow a minimum of KES 1,000. All loans attract an interest rate of 13.5% and have a one-month repayment period.

NCBA Now loan allows you to access instant loans without security.

2. Timiza Loans

Timiza loan is offered by a mobile bank provided by Absa bank Kenya (formerly Barclays Bank).

You can access this application by dialling *848# or downloading it from either the Google play store or Apple store. Once you have filled in your registration details, fill in the loan application details.

Once your loan is approved, you should be able to access it via M-Pesa.

Remember that you should repay Timiza’s quick mobile loans within 30 days. One is required to use Mpesa through pay bill number – 300067.

3. HF Whizz App

Whizz is a new banking experience that gives you control and access over your finances anywhere, anytime. Whizz is an app that allows you to manage your account, transfer cash, pay bills, buy airtime, track your expenses, and do much more on the go.

Whizz is powered by HFC bank. Whizz is available for both Android and iOS devices. With Whizz, you can enjoy the freedom to manage your account any time, any place. Whizz is a secure and convenient app that makes banking easy for everyone. Hf Whizz app should be on your list if you are looking for quick mobile loans in Kenya. Try Whizz today!

3. Zenka 

Zenka is the most astounding quick mobile loan provider in Kenya today. Accessing this loan is straightforward.

Download and install the Zenka Mobile App from the google play store. Fill in your registration details and then follow up with loan application details.

Towards the end of last year, Zenka grew in popularity due to offering the first loan free of interest charges if repaid within 30 days. Moreover, Zenka has a flexible repayment period between 30 and 61 days.

4. Branch

The Branch offers quick mobile loans in Kenya. The branch loan app has been in operation for quite some time.

If you are very active in using your M-Pesa and Facebook, this is just the place to secure your mobile loan. The more active you are in these two sites, the higher the minimum amount you qualify for a loan from the Branch.

Download and Install the Branch application from the Google play store and begin enjoying quick mobile loans without security.

5. Okash Mobile Loan

Onespot technology investment Kenya offers this mobile application to its customers to be able to access quick loans. Through Okash, one can access instant unsecured loans within 5 seconds. One can borrow up to 500,000 from Okash with a minimum interest rate beginning from 5%.

Download and install the Okash mobile loan app from Google Play Store to access quick mobile loans. Moreover, if you would like to repay the loan you had accessed from Okash, please use the M-Pesa pay bill – 612224.

6. Tala loan app (Top rated)

Tala started as Mkopo rahisi before rebranding to Tala. For years now, Tala has been providing quick mobile loans in Kenya. In under 5 minutes, one can download, request, and get the requested loan amounts in their M-Pesa.

The minimum loan amount one can access from Tala is KES 500. However, your loan limit keeps growing as you keep borrowing and repaying in time.

Just like Branch, Tala determines whether to give an individual customer a loan based on their activity on Facebook and the use of M-Pesa services.

7. Saida Loans

Another quick mobile loan provider is Saida. Unlike Tala and Branch, Saida uses Sms, Calls, and M-Pesa information from your phone to measure one’s suitability to access a loan. Moreover, the vetting process may take a little longer than other applications. As a result, the minimum amount of time for you to access a loan is just 10 minutes.

Download and Install Saida App from the google play store to begin enjoying its quick mobile loans.

8. Haraka Loan

Haraka loan app has some excellent ratings from its customers on the Google play store. This quick mobile loan ranks among Kenya’s best places to secure a loan.

Download and install the Haraka loan App from Google Play Store and begin enjoying the fruits of your application.

The minimum amount of loan one can access from Haraka is KES 500. As the name suggests, you will get your loan amount in only under 5 minutes.

9. Okolea Loan App

Okolea Loan is different from Okash. It is one of the quickest places to secure a mobile loan. One of the best things about the Okolea loan is that you are particular about your loan limit progression each time you pay. One’s loan limit automatically grows by 20%.

To access a loan from Okolea.

  • Download and install the Okolea loan app from the Google Play store
  • Fill in the registration details
  • Fill in the loan application form
  • once the loan amount is approved, you will be able to receive it via M-Pesa.

10. Utunzi

Utunzi ranks among the highest downloaded mobile loan application in Kenya.

Through Utunzi, one can access between KES 500 – KES 100,000. It’s important noting that your CRB rating will determine your maximum loan amount: the higher your rankings, the higher your limit.

11. Stawika

Stawika loan is here to ensure you don’t have to worry about getting money. It is here for your financial security. To determine whether to extend a loan to you or not, Stawika will use your mobile phone data. One can access KES 500 within 5 minutes.

Other quick Mobile Loan applications include:

  • Jazika loans
  • Pesazone loans
  • Pesaplus
  • Fetti loans
  • Loanika
  • Jumbo Pesa loan

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